Access to power,
always and everywhere

With our powerful Battery you'll have access to power wherever you are. Even off-grid, on construction sites and at large events. Without emissions, noise or fuel costs.

⚡ Access to power, always and everywhere
⚡ Compact design and easy to expand
⚡ Everything taken care of for a fixed monthly price
🌱 Help accelerate the transition to 100% sustainable mobility
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Your best friend during (un)expected spikes in power demand

Do you require power for big vehicles or facilities? Or for an event that brings in guests or staff with electric cars? It’s common to have temporary increases in power demand. By temporarily using a mobile battery, you can easily meet this power demand. And the best part is, you don’t have to invest in pricey permanent solutions. 

At Revolt, we believe in using over owning. Need extra power on a temporary basis? Then we'll provide you with a temporary solution and collect it when you're done. Happy colleagues and guests, and you won’t be stuck with an expensive product that goes unused.
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Settled within 1 minute
4 smart applications

The power of the Battery

Island mode
Create an independent (off-grid) power grid.
Capture peaks in power usage to prevent grid failures and reduce costs.
Fast charging
Charge vehicles and facilities super fast.
Energy storage
Store self-generated power, save energy costs and sell energy to the grid.

This is why you choose a Mobile Battery from Revolt

Premium service and reliable expertise
We do things differently from the establishment. At Revolt, we support you at every level. Get no-binding advice from our experts or request a customized consulting report.

Innovative charging solutions
With our collaboration, we are preparing you for the future. We continuously improve our mobile batteries, so we can always provide you with the latest and greatest equipment.

🌱 In the meantime, we're working on an ecosystem that allows your business to use clean energy anytime, anywhere.

An all-inclusive price and 24/7 support
Choose our Mobile Battery, and we handle the hardware, transportation, installation, service and support. Plus, our service center is available to you 24/7. All-in-one.
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Discover the possibilities for your business

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extra mobile energy in three steps

How does it work?

  • Schedule an introduction
    Schedule an introduction with one of our consultants. You choose the date and time, we get up to speed.
  • Receive a proposal
    After we’ve talked things through, we’ll prepare a tailored proposal and send it your way.
  • Agreement and placement
    Once you accept our proposal, we set a placement date that works for you. From there, you can start enjoying your temporary energy supply.