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Charging points in the Netherlands
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Subscription or purchase?

A One subscription costs 49 euros per month, with a term of 60 months. Installation, back office, maintenance and service are included in the subscription. This gives you no worries about your charging facility. When you purchase a One, you pay a one-off amount for the hardware, installation and base. We provide the back office, maintenance and service at a monthly rate.


The installation is realised by a professionally certified installer. The installation costs include:
  • Call-out charges and labour
  • Laying the base and installing the One
  • Connecting the One to a power and data connection cable
  • Testing the One
  • Instruction to user(s)
The costs for the installation of the required cabling, the related digging work and any adjustments and reinforcements to the electricity cabinet are calculated on the basis of an additional charge and are not part of the installation.
Man opent vleugeldeur van Tesla Model X en legt zijn laadkabel in de auto, net opgeladen aan de Revolt One

Subscription or purchase?
You’re in charge

Subscription(Amounts excl. VAT)

Purchase(Amounts excl. VAT)

Hardware costs
€49 per month
One-off €3.295
Subscription period
60 months
Installation & foundation
One-off €590
Backoffice (01*)
€8,50 per month
Maintenance & Service (02*)
€4,50 (optional)
Compensation & selling rate
per kWh (03*)
€0,14 & €0,25
N/A & freely adjustable


  • Backoffice
    With the back office package, your charging point is always operational with a 4G connection. This enables us to see if employees or visitors are charging, which is important data for correct invoicing. So you never pay too much for a charging session. If you choose a subscription-based charging facility, this package is included in the monthly rate. When you purchase a charging station, the back office package is included in the quotation separately. The package consists of:
    • 4G data subscription for real-time connection
    • 24/7 helpdesk
    • Calculation per kWh for a correct invoice
  1. Onderhoud & service
    The maintenance and service package provides extra security when purchasing a charging station. If a problem occurs, a mechanic will come to your location to solve it; without extra costs. The maintenance and service package also extends the guarantee period; instead of 24 months, you now have a 60-month guarantee.
    • Compensation & selling rate per kWh
      Installing charging points at your business property increases the amount of electricity needed. To offset this, we offer a compensation when you choose a subscription. Whenever visitors charge at your charge point, a higher rate is charged and you benefit from this. When you purchase a charging facility, it is up to you to set a sales tariff per kWh. We then do not charge per kWh.
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