Frequently asked questions


What is a charging solution?

A charging solution is a service that includes everything involved in realising a charging facility, such as installation and maintenance.

How can I get in touch with Revolt?

You can contact us in several ways. Click here for the possibilities.

Can I become a Revolt customer as a private individual?

No, our all-in-one charging solution is a business service. However, it is possible for private individuals to charge at our charging stations.

What should I do if the charging station indicates a malfunction?

There is a telephone number on the charging station to report malfunctions. The number is available 24 hours a day.

Can I advertise on the network of Revolt?

Yes, that is possible. For more information click here.

Are Revolt products certified?

Yes, our products meet the applicable safety standards.

I have a complaint. Where can I make this complaint?

We are very sorry that you have a complaint. We therefore want to do everything we can to resolve your complaint as well as possible. Do you have a complaint about a charging station? Then we ask you to contact our service partner directly via telephone number +31 (0)850 200 904. Do you have another complaint? Then please contact us.

How does our charging station work?

You can easily connect your charging cable to our charging stations. You start your charging session by holding your charging card or tag against the RFID scanner.

What is the charging capacity of one charging point?

Our charging points deliver up to 22 kW of power, but depend on the available power supply and capacity.

Which charging cable can be used for charging?

Our charging stations are equipped with charging input type 2.

Which charging cards are accepted on a charging point of Revolt?

You can charge at our charging points with any charging card recognised in the Netherlands.

Is it possible to add more charging stations to my charging solution after installation?

Yes, this is possible. Please contact us for this.

What happens if the power goes out during the charging process?

The charging process will automatically resume once the power failure is resolved. You can remove the plug at any time and the charging transaction will then be settled.

What can the Battery be used for?
  • Charging electric vehicles & equipmen
  • Storing locally generated energy
  • Providing a temporary solution for energy shortages (temporary grid reinforcement)
  • Avoid peak load and reactive current
What is the power of the Battery?

A unique feature of the Revolt Battery is its flexibility in power. The package has a standard usable power of 245 kW, which can be scaled up to 1.2 MW. This is possible by connecting multiple battery sets of 245 kW to the same converter.

How can the battery be moved?

The unit can be moved in two ways:

• With the container attachment points that are located on all corners of the units

• With a forklift, the units are equipped with a forklift plate at the bottom

What does an all-in-one Battery subscription look like?

With an all-in-one Battery subscription, you are completely taken care of. Hardware, transport, installation and service are included for a fixed, periodic rate.

What output connections does the Battery have?

The output connection consists of Powerlocks. These Powerlocks can be connected to a distribution box with all possible connections. The distribution box is included in the subscription.

Which connections are needed to charge the Battery?

The Revolt Battery is charged from a construction connection with a CEE plug with a maximum capacity of 125 amps. The Revolt Battery can be charged from 32 amps.

What safety features does the Battery have?

The Revolt Battery is designed to function in extreme conditions. Therefore, safety is an important point of attention in the development. For example, the cells in the Revolt Battery are positioned in a certain way so that they cannot ignite each other in an internal fire.

What modes does the converter have?

The converter of the Revolt Battery has a number of standard pre-programmed modes:

  • Island mode: create an independent network through the voltage source mode of the inverter
  • Rapid peak shaving: this mode supports the battery to handle peak power demand moments. In case of a grid failure, the converter seamlessly switches to Island mode
  • Smart Microgrid: the Battery can be used to integrate solar or wind power generation
  • Grid deployment: buy or generate electricity in off-peak hours, store it and sell it at the peak price
What is the weight of the Battery?

The Battery consists of a set of two parts: a converter and a battery pack. Both modules weigh approx. 3 tons, which means a standard weight of 6 tons in total. Each battery pack added to these weighs 3 tons.

Can the Battery be used indoors?

Yes, the Battery has an internal cooling system to ensure it is always at the right temperature. Therefore it is important that there is a supply of fresh air. Together with our customer, we ensure that the location complies with all our safety regulations.

Does Revolt produce the Battery itself?

The Battery is produced in collaboration with our partner Northvolt. Northvolt is a progressive battery manufacturer in Europe. The cells are made of Lithium.

What does Revolt do if the battery malfunctions?

The Battery can be read remotely. This means that we act immediately in case of questions, changes or malfunctions.